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Adverbs Starting with K (List & Examples)

List of adverbs starting with K and examples.


Adverbs starting with KExample Sentences
killinglyIt was a killingly dull holiday; I don’t think anyone had smiled.
knowingly The ball was kicked knowingly into the goal.
knottily The properties of water are knottily explained in this article.
The dress’ stitching was so thick that it looked knottily bulky.
kneelingly He is awaiting their request kneelingly.
kingly The kingly throne is designed for a King
We’d be kingly pleased if you could make it to the wedding ceremony
kingly beg your presence at our wedding ceremony. 
KnightlyKnightly people are sometimes detached, and they know they may periodically encounter being mean to others.
Knightly, we should do something nice for her.
keenly A good publishing schedule keeps your readers keenly interested in your work.
kickingly Are you aware that this mission is truly kickingly important?
After reading that kickingly good article, you’ll feel keenly confident about your photos!
knowledgeably Childcare is another area of home business where a knowledgeably tax accountant can make all the difference between a profitable business and one that breaks even or worse.
kindheartedly She kindheartedly picked up the phone and explained to me in knowledgeably detail.
The girl fed the stray dogs kindheartedly.
kinkily The item is kinkily manufactured from quality material.
Talk to your professor kinkily, and he will hand out more back-to-school information.
kindlily We kindlily beg your presence at our wedding ceremony.
kindlily invite you to our wedding ceremony. 
kookily kookily killed the spider.
Sometimes, though, I have to kookily instruct my students as I don’t want them to fail the class. 
Kookily, Susan is the only person I know who would burst into laughter. 
kinetically The teacher is kinetically inclined.
She kinetically injected the patient.
Adverbs Starting with K


  1. Keenly       
  2. Knowingly
  3. Kickingly   
  4. Knowledgably
  5. Kindly        
  6. Kookily
  7. Kinda
  8. Knightly
  9. Kaleidoscopically
  10. Kinetically
  11. Knottily
  12. Killingly
  13. Kittenishly
  14. Kinematically
  15. Kinkily
  16. Kerwallop
  17. Kiddingly
  18. Kata
  19. Karmically
  20. Knavishly
  21. Kerchunk
  22. Kleptographically
  23. Kleptomaniacally
  24. Kleptoparasitically
  25. Kind-heartedly
  26. Knowably
  27. Kindheartedly
  28. Knowledgably
  29. Kindlily
  30. Kingly
  31. Kneelingly
  32. Kilometrically
  33. Karyokinetically
  34. Karyologically
  35. Kabbalistically
  36. Kosherly
  37. Karyomorphologically
  38. Kookily
  39. Karyotypically
  40. Kickingly
  41. Knockingly
  42. Kinesthetically
  43. Kerslap
  44. Keerfully
adverbs starting with KPin
adverbs starting with K

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