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90 Sentences with Make

Have a look at example sentences using the word ‘make’ below.

Sentences with Make

  1. It’s time to make the donuts.
  2. There is nothing like a hot cup of tea on a cold day to make you feel cozy inside.
  3. I will make you another sandwich if you are hungry again.
  4. I make my living as a con artist.
  5. We will make camp here for the night.
  6. We make fun by going fishing together.
  7. He always makes mistakes when he does some work for me.
  8. Let’s go make some coffee.
  9. I couldn’t make this without you.
  10. I will make myself available all week.
  11. I will make your presentation ready by tomorrow’s meeting.
  12. Can you make a copy of this document?
  13. This product makes you look younger
  14. You cannot make this decision alone.
  15. You want to make a difference, but the job is too challenging.
  16. You make me feel important when you’re around me.
  17. She always tries to make him feel better.
  18. I can’t make myself run faster.
  19. They make good quality cars in Italy.
  20. He went down to the river to make a drawing of the landscape.
  21. Make sure to turn in your homework on time.
  22. He could make money in the war.
  23. It would be best if you didn’t make your business premises out of paper.
  24. Don’t get mad; make a list of items to make your life easier.
  25. Don’t be stressed; make a plan.
  26. We will make them pay!
  27. Make a difference in the lives of others.
  28. There is always an opportunity to make the readers feel motivated, deserving and privileged.
  29. It can make your readers feel good about themselves or be proud of what they have achieved or learned.
  30. Make sure you look both ways before crossing the road.
  31. I want something to make my hair grow fast.
  32. Let’s make dinner together tonight.
  33. I make sure that I read all information before making any purchase.
  34. My mother makes the best cupcakes.
  35. I would love to make dinner for my family tonight.
  36. Please make sure you are at the train station on time.
  37. Please make sure you have the right amount of change for the tickets.
  38. We need to make a change right away.
  39. These time-consuming projects make me too busy to keep track of everything I have to do.
  40. She wants me to help make pizza for the kids every day this week.
  41. Hayley helps her mother make chocolate cookies.
  42. Make him an offer he cannot refuse.
  43. It makes sense to do everything we can to help her now.
  44. Make sure you include a table of contents.
  45. Make things easier for people to do business with you.
  46. A study suggests that the average person makes up their minds when they meet you in just 7 seconds.
  47. I make paper flowers.
  48. We need to make a box.
  49. Some of the cakes that we make are iced while some are not.
  50. You have to make a lot of sacrifices to follow your dreams.
  51. The government will have to make its choices.
  52. Did you make it yourself?
  53. We have 14 days to make a decision.
  54. Make sure you check flight times and cancellations before driving to the airport.
  55. The police decided in a democratic manner to make the suspect talk.
  56. If you make it home for dinner most nights at least once a month, you can’t consider yourself a poor parent.
  57. She was unable to make herself understood.
  58. If you make a mistake, admit it!
  59. The medicine only makes the patient feel worse.
  60. This new drug will make a vast difference when dealing with heart disease cases.
  61. Make sure you have clean hair to go with the hat, or it won’t look good when you wear it!
  62. Make sure to clean them before you use them.
  63. Make sure to remember to turn the computer off before you leave.
  64. Please make a list of what you need to pack and where it is located in the house.
  65. First, make sure all boxes are empty, then stack them neatly in a corner of the room.
  66. My mother always tells me that I have to make my bed every morning before school.
  67. Gary went to make a new friend yesterday in his class, but he didn’t succeed in doing so because not all students were there.
  68. The administration will make all efforts to curb pollution.
  69. I will make her see reason.
  70. Make sure you wear the right clothes when you carry out the task or feel uncomfortable during the activity.
  71. I hope you make progress with your dissertation this year.
  72. He said he would make the presentation by Wednesday.
  73. We make our sandwiches at home on the weekends.
  74. My grandmother makes us oatmeal every Sunday morning for breakfast.
  75. Our clients love these bands because they make great gifts.
  76. He made an effort to talk about sports, movies, and such with the kids to make them feel more at ease with him.
  77. Did you know that you can use coconut oil instead of butter in your mashed potatoes to make them a bit healthier?
  78. You can’t make me go there!
  79. He’ll make you pay in the end.
  80. This heat will make you sick if you don’t do something about it.
  81. She makes a new friend every day at school.
  82. I have to make lunch for my children every day.
  83. Make your point about the sale of alcohol to minors in schools very clear to all students.
  84. I’ll make sure dinner is ready on time.
  85. Many people make significant changes after turning 40, but others stay the same all their lives.
  86. My job is to make the best choices for all my clients.
  87. A significant number of businesses make use of social media for marketing.
  88. On the other hand, make sure you check with the sales associate before you take a new appliance home with you.
  89. Make sure your department is registered as a 501(c)(3) organization if you want to take donations without being taxed.
  90. Make sure that both products are compatible, fully charged, and tested in all modes.
Sentences with MakePin
Sentences with Make

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