list of adverbs starting with RPin

Adverbs Starting with R (Examples & List)

List of Adverbs Starting with R and their example sentences.


Adverbs Starting with RExample Sentences
ramblingly Some balloons go ramblingly into the air.
rhapsodically The new songs are rhapsodically beautiful.
rampantly It was rampantly apparent that she had no idea what to do.
He rampantly ran through the woods in pursuit of his prey.
radiantly His business is not only globally acclaimed, but it is also radiantly successful.
The party was radiantly atmospheric and well organized.
racially The response was racially charged.
Many students have a racially biased attitude towards their peers of different colors.
rapidly The more I watch tv, the more rapidly I like it.
I didn’t want to run out of oxygen on the mountain rapidly, so I started breathing slowly and steadily.
really I really enjoyed travelling to Spain last year – it was an experience that radiated positivity.
randomly She rambled randomly around the store, trying to decide what she wanted.
We had been randomly dancing to the music when suddenly it stopped, and a voice came over the speaker asking us to get to the nearest exit as fast as possible because there had been fire and our lives were in grave danger.
radially The roads radially spread out from the town center like spokes in a wheel.
The CEO gave me a radially challenging task, but I accepted it with gusto!
radicallyI can offer you an incredible discount radically.
rabidly The fans were rabidly cheering their team on, hoping they would win.
They were rabidly anti-communist parliament members.
The news report was rabidly biased in its coverage of the presidential election.
risibly She risibly revealed her fears in front of everyone.
ritually He always ritually lets his opinion be known.
Decorate the windows with ritually free printable patterns.
robustly The robustly built steps can hold up to 500 pounds of weight.
I like robustly methodically structured strategies which constantly focuses on turning information into knowledge.
rudimentarilyShe is known for her rudimentarily lackluster understanding of foreign relations.
Adverbs Starting with R


  1. Rabidly
  2. Racially
  3. Radially
  4. Radiantly
  5. Radically
  6. Radioactively
  7. Raggedly
  8. Ramblingly
  9. Rampantly
  10. Randomly
  11. Rapidly
  12. Rapturously
  13. Rarely
  14. Rashly
  15. Rationally
  16. Raucously
  17. Ravenously
  18. Ravingly
  19. Ravishingly
  20. Readably
  21. Readily
  22. Realistically
  23. Realizingly
  24. Really
  25. Reasonably
  26. Reassuringly
  27. Rebelliously
  28. Recently
  29. Reciprocally
  30. Recklessly
  31. Recognizably
  32. Recurrently
  33. Redly
  34. Reflectively
  35. Reflexively
  36. Refreshingly
  37. Regally
  38. Regimentally
  39. Regionally
  40. Regretfully
  41. Regularly
  42. Relatively
  43. Relentlessly
  44. Relevantly
  45. Reliably
  46. Religiously
  47. Reluctantly
  48. Remarkably
  49. Remorsefully
  50. Remotely
  51. Repeatedly
  52. Repellently
  53. Repentantly
  54. Repetitively
  55. Reportedly
  56. Reprehensively
  57. Reprovingly
  58. Repulsively
  59. Reputably
  60. Reputedly
  61. Residentially
  62. Resolutely
  63. Resourcefully
  64. Respectably
  65. Respectfully
  66. Respectively
  67. Responsibly
  68. Responsively
  69. Restfully
  70. Restrictively
  71. Retentively
  72. Retroactively
  73. Retrospectively
  74. Revengefully
  75. Reverently
  76. Reversely
  77. Rewardingly
  78. Rhetorically
  79. Richly
  80. Ridiculously
  81. Righteously
  82. Rightfully
  83. Rightward
  84. Rigidly
  85. Rigorously 
  86. Ripely
  87. Risibly
  88. Ritually
  89. Robustly
  90. Rollickingly
  91. Romantically
  92. Rottenly
  93. Roughly
  94. Roundly
  95. Routinely
  96. Rudely
  97. Ruggedly
  98. Rurally
  99. Ruthlessly
adverbs starting with RPin
adverbs starting with R

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