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Example Sentences with Effect

59 Example sentences sing word ‘effect’.

Sentences with Effect

  1. The effect of the fall-out was disastrous for the environment.
  2. The event will have a positive effect on my career.
  3. The dentist warned us about the harmful effects of eating too much sugar.
  4. The hot and dry weather conditions can have a negative effect on wildlife.
  5. The teacher was quite overwhelmed by the students’ effect on his grades.
  6. The use of this type of program is limited by its effect on the computer’s hard drive.
  7. The effects of stress and trauma are intermingled in early childhood.
  8. The trombone had a profound effect on the young man studying music.
  9. Tend to have a certain effect or result: Her comments tend to have an inflammatory effect on people.
  10. The instructions of the company will take effect on January 1st.
  11. Taking pain medicine helps you feel better, with the added effect that you sleep better.
  12. Everything turned out fine, with the happy effect that we made even more money.
  13. The effect of an event on the public is determined by how well it was organized.
  14. The effect that brand marketing has had on consumers is based on the perception of quality.
  15. A product’s effect on an individual has determined their decision to purchase.
  16. No other product has had as strong an effect on the human body as tobacco.
  17. Who achieved the effect through clever use of lighting and attention to detail?
  18. The effect of an oncoming truck made her jump.
  19. Having fun is a good way to effect positive emotions in our hearts.
  20. Bill’s charisma had a positive effect on the team.
  21. The new policy will have a tremendous effect on the economy.
  22. We overhauled our manufacturing process to have a more positive effect on the quality of our products.
  23. Ethan Coen’s direction had a negative effect on the overwhelming success of this film.
  24. The demonstration had a big effect on the group as everyone joined in.
  25. The country has seen a rise in the number of tourists from all over the world due to a positive effect on job opportunities among young people.
  26. We must stop the problem before it causes any serious effect.
  27. The new law should have a positive effect on the community.
  28. The increased use of technology has had a negative effect on our attention spans.
  29. The proposal will have a positive effect on the company.
  30. I do not doubt that this will have an adverse effect on our reputation.
  31. There was an effect on the outcome of the election.
  32. She had a direct effect on the company’s assets.
  33. Cold air will also have an effect on growing potatoes.
  34. The effect is real and can also be used to detect planetary movement without the need for human instrumentation.
  35. The effect of a stream of water on the air is due to the force of evaporation and condensation.
  36. The effect of music depends on drums and dancers’ skills.
  37. The sunbed light has a very positive effect on your skin.
  38. Creating a spreadsheet had no effect on the decision-making system.
  39. The flowers have roughly a six-week life span, but their effect is long-lasting.
  40. This method has a very good effect on the results.
  41. We intend to expand the production plant to have a better effect on the market.
  42. A rash on her face is a common side effect of taking certain medications.
  43. The movie had a stunning visual effect; there were many breathtaking scenes.
  44. The effect of the hard work will be visible in no time.
  45. The effect on the national economy is evident by the low unemployment rates present today.
  46. The effect on the sales was instant.
  47. The effect of the marketing campaign on sales is evident.
  48. The report had a stunning effect on the people who read it.
  49. The meeting decided to do more work on this matter, as its effect on profits was clear.
  50. We believe that this will have a positive effect on our bottom line.
  51. The effect of this will be an increase in people who seek employment.
  52. He had a devastating effect on her relationships with her siblings.
  53. The early effect of the new law was disappointing, but now it’s clear that it’s been a massive success.
  54. In addition, the implementation of more advanced lock systems will help to effect more effective safety measures.
  55. The effect of the sun on the ozone layer is a serious problem.
  56. We cannot overestimate the effect of smog on city air.
  57. The effect of infrared rays on a human hair is instantly noticeable.
  58. The effect of volcanic eruptions on the weather has been studied extensively.
  59. In effect, the market’s recovery has been slow.
Sentences with EffectPin
Sentences with Effect

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