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Adverbs Starting with P (List & Examples)

List of Adverbs Starting with P and their example sentences


Adverbs Starting with PExample Sentences
promptly We hope you weren’t waiting too long; the waiter should be here promptly with your drinks.
poorlyWe were not prepared, so we performed poorly.
proudly He proudly told us how much money he had made.
primarily The school is primarily concerned with the learning process.
PrincipallyPrincipally, people will be inclined to buy the floor model because of its lower price tag.
professionally This will help increase your ability to run a business professionally and affordably.
passionatelyShe spoke about her work passionately.
passably I can passably speak French.
patriotically The flag is raised patriotically by the mayor in the heart of town.
pedagogically As a professor, he pedagogically wants to ensure that his students understand everything he is teaching them.
Learning about photosynthesis is best taught pedagogically.
politely We need to respond politely and patiently to his request.
Remind him politely to follow your instructions for the assignment.
PeriodicallyPeriodically, the issue of increasing tuition fees comes up again in our country.
providently The supplier providently has our order on hand.
Providently, we took caution before going for a hike in the forest at night.
peaceably She peaceably made a cup of tea for her uncle.
The argument was resolved peaceably.
peacefully The protests have begun peacefully.
They peacefully worked together to solve the problem.
patiently He is patiently waiting for the train to arrive.
The teacher patiently listened to every student’s story.
particularly He was particularly angry at me.
Is your issue particularly urgent, or will it keep until the weekend?
partially The city was partially destroyed.
We have partially processed your order based on your shipping address.
potentially The specialist was potentially skilled in working with intense chemicals and potentially able to work under high heat conditions.
provisionallyProvisionally, the court system is working, but there must be a solution.
Provisionally, all the ingredients for this recipe can be found in any supermarket.
Provisionally, the marketing manager had to be ratified.
powerfully The answer requires powerfully concentrated thinking.
The head chef of this restaurant must be powerfully good at cooking the most fantastic food.
punctually Punctually at 1:30 pm, the committee met in their usual place.
Please ensure attendance punctually at meetings.
The registrar had to have been punctually and highly useful when applying new legislation banning certain chemicals.
properly Properly trained staff set up and service our systems to ensure no disruption to your business functions.
The Wobbler was kept properly inside the building all night long.
The child failed to carry out the task properly.
positively We are positively following the schedule.
We have to encourage them to become involved in the program positively.
The other articles are positively written.
painfully I watch as the surgeon cuts into my father’s flesh, painfully extracting the tumor.
Julia was painfully shy when she first came to the school.
She winced in pain as he grabbed her arm, painfully twisting it behind her back.
painlessly I got painlessly through trigonometry by taking the free online animation course.
On the other hand, the moderators were prompt and painlessly dealt with whatever came up, often in a friendly and fair way.
perceptiblyThe night sky is perceptibly brighter than it used to be.
We noticed our sales were increasing perceptibly.
passably Partially merged, the new fund is passably appropriate for many developments in local government.
peripherally Peripherally, we have seen more and more private companies offering student loans.
The barn is located peripherally to the farmhouse.
The Internet is peripherally affected by customers’ spending trends.
permanentlyPermanently, higher tuition fees will have a direct correlation with decreased enrollment.
You can purchase your plane ticket permanently or permissibly.
permissiblyPermissibly, some universities already offer unpaid internships to attract students.
I was forcibly restrained from approaching the president and reprimanded for my actions permissibly.
Adverbs Starting with P

List (194 Words)

  1. Pacifically
  2. Painfully
  3. Painlessly
  4. Painstakingly
  5. Palatably
  6. Palely
  7. Pallidly
  8. Palmately
  9. Paradoxically
  10. Parasitically
  11. Pardonably
  12. Parentally
  13. Parenterally
  14. Parenthetically
  15. Parochially
  16. Partially
  17. Particularly
  18. Partly
  19. Passably
  20. Passionately
  21. Passively
  22. Patchily
  23. Patently
  24. Paternally
  25. Pathetically
  26. Pathologically
  27. Patiently
  28. Patriotically
  29. Patronizingly
  30. Peaceably
  31. Peacefully
  32. Pedagogically
  33. Pedantically
  34. Pejoratively
  35. Pellucidly
  36. Penally
  37. Penitently
  38. Pensively
  39. Penuriously
  40. Perceptibly
  41. Perceptively
  42. Perceptually
  43. Peremptorily
  44. Perennially
  45. Perfectly
  46. Perfunctorily
  47. Perilously
  48. Periodically
  49. Peripherally
  50. Permanently
  51. Permissibly
  52. Permissively
  53. Perpetually
  54. Perseveringly
  55. Personally
  56. Persuasively
  57. Pertinently
  58. Pertly
  59. Pervasively
  60. Pessimistically
  61. Pettily
  62. Petulantly
  63. Pharmacologically
  64. Phenomenally
  65. Philosophically
  66. Phlegmatically
  67. Phonemically
  68. Phonetically
  69. Photographically
  70. Photometrically
  71. Physically
  72. Physiologically
  73. Pictorially
  74. Picturesquely
  75. Piercingly
  76. Pinkly
  77. Pinnately
  78. Piously
  79. Piquantly
  80. Piratically
  81. Pitiably
  82. Pitifully
  83. Pitilessly
  84. Placatingly
  85. Placidly
  86. Plaguily
  87. Plainly
  88. Plaintively
  89. Plastically
  90. Plausibly
  91. Playfully
  92. Pleasantly
  93. Pleasingly
  94. Pleasurably
  95. Plenteously
  96. Plentifully
  97. Ploddingly
  98. Pluckily
  99. Plunk
  100. Pneumatically
  101. Poetically
  102. Pointedly
  103. Poisonously
  104. Polemically
  105. Politely
  106. Politically
  107. Polyphonically
  108. Polysyllabically
  109. Ponderously
  110. Poorly
  111. Popularly
  112. Portentously
  113. Positively
  114. Possessively
  115. Possibly
  116. Postoperatively
  117. Potentially
  118. Potently
  119. Powerfully
  120. Practicably
  121. Practically
  122. Pragmatically
  123. Prayerfully
  124. Precariously
  125. Preciously
  126. Precipitously
  127. Precisely
  128. Predicatively
  129. Predictably
  130. Predominately
  131. Preeminently
  132. Preferably
  133. Prematurely
  134. Prepositionally
  135. Presciently
  136. Presentably
  137. Presently
  138. Presidentially
  139. Pressingly
  140. Presumably
  141. Presumptively
  142. Pretentiously
  143. Preternaturally
  144. Prettily
  145. Previously
  146. Prickly
  147. Primarily
  148. Primitively
  149. Primly
  150. Principally
  151. Privately
  152. Privily
  153. Probably
  154. Problematically
  155. Prodigally
  156. Productively
  157. Professionally
  158. Proficiently
  159. Profitably
  160. Profitlessly
  161. Profoundly
  162. Progressively
  163. Prominently
  164. Promptly
  165. Properly
  166. Propitiously
  167. Proportionally
  168. Proportionately
  169. Prosily
  170. Prosperously
  171. Protectively
  172. Proudly
  173. Proverbially
  174. Providently
  175. Provincially
  176. Provisionally
  177. Provokingly
  178. Prudentially
  179. Prudently
  180. Prudishly
  181. Psychologically
  182. Publicly
  183. Pugnaciously
  184. Punctiliously
  185. Punctually
  186. Punily
  187. Punishingly
  188. Punitively
  189. Punitorily
  190. Purely
  191. Purportedly
  192. Purposefully
  193. Purposely
  194. Pusillanimously
adverbs starting with PPin
adverbs starting with P

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